Digital Manifesto is a values-led business. Our values are the bedrock of how we operate. But above all else, our mantra is to be helpful to all our clients and partners.


For us, this means being honest and having strong moral and ethical principles. We always want to do great work, but we also we want to do good by the people we work with and by the world. This value underpins the decisions we make about the type of work we do and who we do it for.


We value differences in culture, opinion and working styles. We believe in the importance of all stakeholders and by operating with respect, we create trusted and long-term relationships with our clients.


We will always be authentic and straightforward, and we’ll never bog you down with corporate jargon or vernacular. We’ll always be transparent about our work, our approach and our progress. 


Naturally, our focus is on finding solutions and achieving results. We’ll always go the extra mile to achieve that goal, collaborating with stakeholders to understand the impact of our work. You’ll never hear us say “that’s not my job”.


Online safety for kids

The internet has enabled businesses to operate in ways we couldn’t have conceived a few decades ago. It has been behind some incredible innovations but has enabled some of the darker sides of humanity: bullying and harassment have proliferated thanks to online channels. 


This behaviour can affect people of all ages, but it is particularly harmful for children. I’m passionate about making the internet a safer place for kids. That’s why I will donate a percentage of Digital Manifesto’s profits to the Allannah and Madeline Foundation to support the amazing work they do to keep children safe.