• Ellen Cresswell

Go online to survive

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Photo by Plush Design Studio

The shock of COVID-19 on so many businesses has been immediate and impactful.

But it’s really quite remarkable how quickly we’ve adapted to social distancing and that “iso” life has become the new normal.

In a similar vein, it’s time for businesses to look at how they can adapt and remain relevant right now. In short: it is time to go online. The internet alone won’t save all businesses, but it can definitely help you stay afloat during lean times and maybe even open up new opportunities.

Ecommerce and online business have grown enormously since we’ve had to stay at home. So too has online video conferencing, gaming and media streaming.

Right now, your existing customers are online. They’re staying at home to stay safe. So too are your potential new customers.

I expect that online will continue to be a critical operating model in the post-COVID world. So many aspects of our lives that used to be conducted face-to-face, from banking and shopping to real estate and education, now occur digitally.

Online will help your business right now, during this pandemic, but it will also help it remain relevant in the future, once the COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Sure, there are some professions where it’s essential to still go to work – trades, healthcare workers, law enforcement and the like. But the vast majority of companies and organisations will survive, and maybe even thrive, if they transition online.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming. You’ll need to understand what your customers need from your business. This should cover products and services, but also ongoing support and how you connect with your customers. Then map that to your core business offerings. Work out what those offerings could be if they were online. And also look for any gaps, which could identify new online opportunities for your businesses.

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